The Crime si Poa philosophy

Posted: August 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

Crime si Poa is a campaign and lobby group of Youth Safety Awareness Initiative  formed to work across Kenya to reduce crime, anti-social behaviour and fear of crime.
We work with young people, their parents and families, as well as adult offenders in the heart of the community, engaging the police, schools, youth groups, voluntary groups, as well as employers to offer sustainable opportunities through education; Advocacy and training.
You will find us in all constituencies across the country working in partnership with the government, local authorities, the corporate sector, Charitable trusts and other organizations to develop, promote and deliver innovative and effective solutions to community safety problems.

Our mission is to work with individuals, community groups and crime and disorder agencies to create environments where everyone can lead their lives free from the incidence or fear of crime in Kenya.

Our vision is to have a crime free Kenya

We work with communities across the width and breadth of the country.

  1. whitneyooko says:

    Hey Everyone else out there! WHAT DO YOU THINK? Please interact with us and we will show you some more of the groovy stuff we have been working on!

  2. Salah Muhammad says:

    Tell us more about this worthy cause and how we can support it in our locality

  3. Fred White says:

    A laudable effort!

  4. This is a worthy course and together, we’ll transform Kenya to a reknowned peace territory.

  5. joshua Achando says:

    A crime free kenya will only be achieved if
    we all step in to fight crime thro talent, education and change the general perception of crimeto the society.

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