How We Arrived At Our Mission

Posted: September 13, 2009 in Uncategorized


  • Recognition of crime as a malignant national malaise.
  • Gender Responsive and youth focused initiative.
  • Prevention.
  • Non-discrimination.
  • Social dialogue.
  • Citizen’s responsibility.
  • Management responsibility.
  • Partnerships.


  • To provide a well co-coordinated and pro-active integrated platform for the country’s citizens at large
  • To be actively involved in crime eradication strategies in a public friendly initiative.
  • Building and / or strengthening the capacities of youth groups in creating safer communities in which economic activities and community life can flourish unabated.
  • Influencing policy change in community policing programs.
  • Creating awareness and sensitizing communities on the cause and effects of crime and how to lessen or eradicate those causes by putting communities at the forefront of addressing local crime problems.
  • Breaking down barriers between offenders and communities so as to change attitudes and improve the lifestyle and skills of offenders because re offending affects the whole community.


  • Reaching out to and involving young people who are considered most at risk.
  • Tackling crime and addressing community and personal safety issues.
  • Develop trust and respect by building bridges between the generations.
  • Carrying out policy analysis and research on emerging crime trends and advocating ways of mitigating the effects with an emphasis on prevention methods.
  • Enhancing the capacity of institutions and stakeholders to sustainably deliver results benefiting the citizenry.
  • Enhancing information generation and sharing among stakeholders in various crime mapping and strategic developments.
  • Documenting and archiving available information on crime prevention and any interventionist measures.
  • Addressing the HIV/AIDS pandemic as a contributing factor or end result in some crime trends amongst the vulnerable groups.
  • Diverting young people from criminality and social exclusion by productively engaging them in environmental matters and volunteer services. Building and strengthening the economic capacity of the target groups.
  1. Mohammed says:

    U guys have a good idea on how to move the country forward.tell us what role we should play to make our country safer

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