We’ve got a BIG impact

Posted: September 13, 2009 in Uncategorized

Our work is monitored and evaluated to enable us to continually hone what we do to best effect. Learning lessons form the citizens’ feedback as well as independent reports allows us to focus on what works in community safety. The most visible indicate indicators could involve:

  • Meeting the average security concerns of the common Kenyan.
  • Notable reduction in the prevalence of crime and increase confidence and investments in the covered areas.
  • The community policing concept being ingrained in the psyche of the common Kenyan to an extent that the police are viewed as friends and not foes.
  • The cost of production being considerably lowered in local industries and business as a result of reduced crime levels.
  • Citizens working, walking and living anywhere in the country 24/7 without any fear of attack.

For more information contact our offices.

Youth Safety Awareness Initiative
Dul Dul Godown off Mombasa Road
P.O Box 10018 – 00100 GPO
TEL : 0202044419/0716376514


Email us- crimesipoa@gmail.com




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