How to Detect Drug use in the Family

Posted: December 16, 2009 in Uncategorized

 Look out for sudden change in moods. This requires you to stay even closer to those affected and to keep them in the know.
 Look out for sudden development of new self-esteem issues when you notice a family member being overly self-conscious.
 Look out for lowered grades in school, sudden change in hygiene standards and lower productivity at work.
 Be very alert and sensitive to any sudden development of “Coded” languages between your teen and friends.
 Do you smell something in their clothes? Or is there increased use of incense and perfume to mask smoke or chemical odours?
 Your antenna should go up should you notice your teen hanging out with a new group after dumping the old one, especially if that new group hardly hangs out at your house. Even though a new set of pals could also mean that it is the old group that is dabbling in drugs, you must handle the issue wisely without rushing into judgement.


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