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 Proliferation of arms from neighboring countries.
 Corruption.
 Poor role modeling.
 Child delinquency.
 Dysfunctional family units.
 Poverty / un-employment.
 Illiteracy.
 Poor stress management.
 Peer pressure and attitude to crime.
 Negative media influences.
 Immature politics.
 Ineptitude and / or interference with the judiciary
 Inappropriate application of technology.
 Income disparity and inequality amongst people holding the same rank but deployed in different government agencies.
 Demobilized members of the disciplined forces with no alternative sources of income.
 Alcohol and substance abuse.
 Previous physical and / or sexual abuse.
 Low self-esteem and feeling of rejection especially those engaged in sexual violence.

There are myriad overlapping causes but most are self- inflicted and can be easily addressed by society. To that end, facilitation and sharing of experiences in order to deal with the challenges posed by crime is of paramount importance. Advocacy, Leadership and offering of alternative concepts to crime are all essential tools that the Crime si poa initiative intends to employ to help our youth overcome these challenges.
Are you infected with the crime bug? ————–STOP.
Are you out of the crime loop? ———————–ABSTAIN.

  1. O. O'koria says:

    I have been following your initiative and I am excited. I am a criminologist researching on recidivism-i wonder how i best i can get in touch with you even more. Further, do we have private rehabilitation institutions apart from government initiated corrections?
    I will be happy for your informative response.
    Thank you.

  2. liz kirimo says:

    Hae comrades,

    Am very greatful 4 your educative points about the causes of crime in Kenya.

    Keep up.

  3. IRYNE MESH says:

    wow!nyce discussion.kudos i lyk it.IRYNE MESH

  4. Nico says:

    I need to knw where you com from plz irine

  5. kasebang says:

    there is no scientific evidence that support the nation of negative media influences

  6. Haro says:

    You have really helped me in my project thanks God bless You

  7. Arno says:

    I wish you could have discussed those points

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