Time for Personal Growth

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

We are working on our tree nursery in the prison which has been very successful.
We’re planning to develop a new site to rehabilitate ex prisoners. The idea would be to grow tree seedlings for sale on a busy highway to enable prisoners to gently reengage with commercial life in a safe setting without the peer pressure of returning to the same community which enabled you to commit crime!
There are some great pictures which we are publishing tomorrow…

  1. peter says:

    that is commendable. Kudos. Dont u think it is time kenya utilised its prisoners 4 commercial purposes. E.g they could offer cheap labour in big irrigation schemes. That will effectively make our food cheaper.

  2. whitneyooko says:

    Thats missing the point, this is not a chain gang proposal…… They must engage productively and realistically to generate and give real value from time incarcerated and time rehabilitating afterwards…

  3. Keith Mash says:

    Great work u guys are doing,but we need to see the promised pictures

  4. Audrey says:

    Keep the flame burning for a crime free and environmentally safe nation.pass the message to the estates and schools.

  5. oketch says:

    The whole idea about these website is great,i’d like to help you guys out in terms of any contribution that you need in web development……am a web developer
    Keep changing hearts….

  6. basil says:

    hey that’s a good idea keep up

  7. basil says:

    hey,that’s a good idea keep up

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