Posted: November 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Its now an established fact that crime is one of the greatest impediments to achieving any set development goals in the country. You have a role as a responsible citizen. parent, leader and opinion shaper to play your rightful role so that the enormous amount of money spent on security can be channeled to development matters. Crime is disrespectful. December is the Crime Si Poa month so do something within your estate, neighborhood and town to let everyone know the negative effects of crime in the society. Organise games for the youth, clean up campaigns, drama, poetry, dance and mentorship programs to keep our youth gainfully engaged over the holidays.

  1. Jon says:

    How true that we often fail to see the enemy within. We can make it dudes and dudettes. Lets do ij

  2. Jon says:

    Great take. Lets all do it dudes and dudettes.

  3. Kim2 says:

    Great work. Spread the message countrywide since crime si poa is a lifestyle that all must live. Keep hope alive

  4. SOL says:

    Amazing work! As one who was once remanded in a foreign country, i can relate with your plight and know how hard it must have been to find the motivation and presence of mind to roll out such an initiative.

    I wish you the best and will be visiting you soon.

    God bless

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