Posted: November 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

The photos show the real face of change in our prisons where inmates have decided to use their skills productively. You can order for exquisite hand made gift articles, cards and tree seedlings from our resource centres within Kamiti Prison and Shimo La Tewa Prison.

  1. Jane Karuga says:

    When we tread in the wrong direction and so often we do, then suddenly realize that the path we tread upon leads to total destruction then hence do we look back and ponder upon our prior direction thus opting for the u-turn into a better more focused cause.

    it is very encouraging to learn that, the crime si poa initiative has taken deep root into the prisons community and i must say that it very encouraging to see so many young and old take up the various skills it has to offer.

    It is easy to see that the initiative is in deed a good cause ready to impart skills on willing individuals that are ready to be integrated back into society and of course with skills that will help them realize their socio-economic growth.

    Well done Crime Si Poa initiative……kudos for the good job!!!

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