Posted: December 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

This Friday 9th Dec 2011 will be a turning point for the city of Nairobi as the youth come out to make a statement that crime MUST be a thing of the past in this country. The Youth Safety Awareness Initiative the parent NGO of Crime Si Poa will in conjunction with the PCEA Eastleigh community have a major awareness and clean up campaign followed by a talents galore. The programme is as follows:
1.7am -9.00am Distribution of stickers and fliers
2.9.00am -11.30am Clean up and tree planting at Dandora, Jericho Shopping Centre and Jogoo Road Primary School
3.11.30am -12.30pm Transportation to and Congregation at the Jogoo Road Primary School
4. 12.30pm -4.00pm Talents galore, entertainment and speeches.
Join us in making our City safe and environmentally sound. IT BEGINS WITH YOU.

  1. jimmy says:

    it happened and happened real big.went beyond the targetted areas and covered Maringo and huruma too.great success,keep the momentum.

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