Posted: December 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

I am wrestling my conscience but it seems I am losing it

I do not want to admit it, I just want to steal a meal and add meat to it.

But wait a minute! Is it fair to conceal my intention?

Is it the reason I am so despondent like a captive in detention?

I agree crime is grime but stealing for my stomach isn’t that noble?

Noble? Did I say noble? No ball is worth the purloin is what I must have meant.

Nonetheless crime is grime, avoid it in your prime.

It can wreck you, will never make you.



Crime pays, yes it pays.

But the payment is undesirable in many ways

I do not need to remind you how thick the doors in our penitentiaries are,

or how bliss is unheard of at Kodiaga.

Did I mention how Naivasha is boiling with geothermal heat?

Didn’t I tell you of how hunger ravages men in Kamiti so you should come eating?

So you need to spare this as food for thought before you die of hunger in there

No, I do not think that you understand the gravity of your conscience’s desires.

Crime is grime, it will a million times wreck you, it will never bake you.


(Kindly note that I do not harbour any ill opinion of the institutions I have mentioned hereinabove.It is only lyrical and therefore poetical.An addendum and corrigendum to the spoken word is coming soon).





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