This  is the campaign and lobby arm of the Youth Safety Awareness initiative organization which has as its core mandate the engagement of the youth in particular and the citizenry in general in working across the country to reduce crime,anti-social behavior and fear of crime through education, advocacy and training.

Through social networks, the media and telecommunication partners, crime si poa provides up to date advisories on crime trends ,crime hot-spots and links to the law enforcement help lines so that the populace is well informed and can also access help when and if needed.

It also runs resource centers in major correctional facilities in the country.


Our mission is to work with individuals, community groups and crime and disorder agencies to create environments where everyone can lead their lives free from the incidence or fear of crime in Kenya.


Our vision is to have a crime free and environmentally sound nation.


Working towards a safer Kenya.


Within the framework of the foregoing, the Organization shall:

  • Provide a well co-ordinate and pro-active integrated platform for the country’s citizens at large to be actively involved in crime eradication strategies in a people friendly initiative.
  • Raise community levels of awareness on the dangers of interpersonal and intercrop hostility, its causes, effects and how best to deal with it through appropriate education, advocacy and training activities targeting the youth.
  • Build and strengthen the capacity of youth groups in creating peaceful communities in which economic activities and community life can flourish.
  • Play an active role in influencing policy changes in areas affecting peace and safety.
  • Create awareness in putting communities at the forefront of addressing local crime problems.
  • Seek to break down barriers between offenders and communities in order to change attitudes and improve the lifestyle and skills of offenders so as to minimize recidivism.


  • Reaching out to and involving young people who are considered most at risk.
  • Tackling crime and addressing community and personal safety issues.
  • Diverting the youth from criminality and social exclusion by productively engaging them in environmental matters and volunteer services.
  • Developing trust and respect by building bridges between the generations.
  • Carrying out policy analysis and research on emerging crime trends and advocating ways of mitigating the effects with an emphasis on prevention methods.
  • Addressing the HIV/AIDS pandemic as a contributing factor  or end result in some crime trends amongst vulnerable groups.
  • Documentary and archiving available information on crime prevention and any interventionist measures.
  • Enhancing information generation and sharing among stakeholders in various crime mapping and strategic developments.
  • Building and strengthening the economic capacity of the target groups.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          MANAGEMENT
  • This Chief Executive Officer is head of the head of the secretaries and an ex-officer board member. He is the head of the secretariat, coordinator of organizations functional departments and is answerable to the general meetings and board of directors of the organization.There are line departmental managers in charge of specific functions and projects who all report to the Chief Executive Officer.


    Successful partnerships are essential for long term change. To this end, the organization works in partnership with a large number of organizations, trusts, and foundations and statutory authorities by pooling our knowledge and expertise and working together in communities to reduce crime and the fear of crime.

    Our corporate partners and supporters recognize the benefit of working with a forward looking and accountable organizations. Not only can they reduce crime and anti- social behavior in communities in which they live and work, they recognize also that we can help them meet their corporate social responsibility goals too.


    Our work is monitored and evaluated to enable us to continually hone what we do to best effect. Learning lessons from citizens’ feedback as well as independent reports allows us to focus on what works in community safety. The most visible indicators could involve:

    • Meeting the average security concerns of the common Kenyan.
    • Notable reduction in the prevalence of crime and increased investor confidence in the covered areas.
    • The community policing concept being ingrained in the psyche of the common Kenyan to an extent that the police are viewed as friends and not foes
    • The cost of production being considerable lowered in local industries and businessman as a result of reduced crime levels.
    • Citizens working, walking and living anywhere in the country 24/7 without any fear of attack.
  1. timothy says:

    the initiative is one of the best we have had so far in bringing change in this country

  2. dominic says:

    this is interesting. Iam waiting to see how authorities respond to these initiative by peple who seem to e the only ones concerned about crime.
    The approach to fighting crime should be all inclusive not isolation as has been the case.

  3. Wats says:

    This is a commendable initiative. Big up.

  4. basil says:

    At last someone is doing something to stop crime which is a barbaric behavior and contributes majorly to the staggering growth of the economy through the lives lost in crime lets make Kenya and all of Africa and the world al whole a crime free zone Good work and keep soldiering on.

  5. What kind of programs are you implementing in the country?

    • whitneyooko says:

      sorry Charles we were not able to reply to your question in time. We focus on education, advocacy and teaching as you can read from our profile. We are now planning for our official launch in the month of August 2012 date to be given .

  6. Davis says:

    Good job. Please let me know if its possible for me to actively participate and in which ways

  7. James says:

    This initiative should reach the entire country as its success in the areas it has worked in speak volumes.

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