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December 9th 2011 will mark a turning point in the way Kenyans view the youth. By volunteering their time and energy for a worthy cause, the youth will prove that the era of handouts and being stereotyped is long gone. We are primed to help the youth get the respect they deserve by making everyone own the process of making our country safe for all. Before you even think of raping a woman, pause and imagine if it were your wife, daughter, mum or sister being raped. How would you feel or react. It does not matter whether it is date rape or the violent type. There is simply no way to rationalize crime and we are not going to stop from naming and shaming rapists in our society irrespective of their status. Nor are we going to spare pedophiles. What we will not allow is character assassination and wrong accusations based on vendetta. Let’s all join hands and make this country safe for our women and girls.


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